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Customer Data Management

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With customer data as the foundation of your personalized customer experience, you gain competitive advantage.

Customer data insights optimize growth opportunities

With our customer data solutions, you can connect information from across your enterprise to inform business decisions, build trust, and strengthen loyalty while respecting your customers’ data privacy and reducing your compliance risks.

Meet the moment with confidence

SAP Customer Data Management

Bring customer data and operational data together

Enhanced customer understanding leads to better business decisions. By combining customer data with back-office data from systems such as ERP and supply chain management, you can surface real-time insights from true 360-degree customer views.

Respect data privacy and build trust

Collecting and governing permission-based data is critical for addressing compliance and building customer trust. With a full view of your customers’ identity, consent, and preference data, you can understand how they want to engage, enforce their preferences across channels and touch points, and reduce regulatory risks.

Know your customer across every engagement

Customer identity opens the door to more value. Design and deploy integrations with greater ease to push relevant customer data – based on a foundation of identity and consent – to marketing, commerce, sales, and service systems in real time.

Product Overview

Scale and strengthen your business by orchestrating relevant customer insights to the right engagement systems in real time.

Holistic customer profiles

Unify customer profiles and associate relationships at the individual or account
level to address B2B and B2C use cases.

Purpose-driven data governance

Respect data privacy and address regulatory risk by maintaining the purpose of data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Real-time insight activation

Calculate attributes continuously for segmentation, audience management, and in-the-moment decision-making. 

Back-office system connection

Integrate with ERP, supply chain management, and other cloud solutions using a common data model.

SAP Customer Data Management

Personalized engagements across touch points

Push permission-based, accurate customer data to your marketing, e-commerce, in-store, sales, and service engagement systems.

Customer onboarding and progressive profiling

Build a frictionless customer experience with native screensets and custom flows.

Passwordless authentication

Lower security risk with federated standards; single sign-on; and risk-based, multifactor, and passwordless authentication.

Profile orchestration

Centralize first-party profile data in an indexed, dynamic database and integrate with other customer engagement solutions.

Preconfigured integrations

Take advantage of a choice of more than 60 preconfigured technology integrations. 

SAP Customer Data Management

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